Building Habits

Alrighty, so... I made a game by following a tutorial on Udemy (which I highly recommend.)

This is the end result, and I'll admit, it lacks content and polish. I kinda rushed it to finish off the lesson, and didn't quite spend time "making moments," which would have admittedly resulted in a slightly more entertaining game. I'd say that I regret not making more levels, but that would simply be saying that I'm done with it.

What I have been doing is gathering feedback.  Here's what I've got so far:

  • "Add a timer so I can clock my speed run"
  • "The rocket doesn't disappear after it explodes"
  • "Back to level 1 when I fail?!??!??!"
  • ...And some navigational issues

In an effort to act on feedback, and not just throw away projects, I've decided to start addressing feedback, not only to appease people, but to also improve myself as a developer.

And with that, I've update some of the lighting in both levels! They're small steps, but I'm hoping that it's habit forming.

Until next time.


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Jan 17, 2018
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Jan 17, 2018

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